Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

I've been tagged by the highly talented collage artists and fellow blogger Neda to do this book meme.
Here are the rules
  • Find a book that you are reading that has atleast 123 pages.
  • Go to page 123
  • Skip the first 5 sentences of the page and write the following 3 sentences here
  • Tag 5 0thers! Don't forget to copy and paste the rules to your blog so they know what to do:)

Ok, well straight away I had a problem. I don't read books. I ALTER THEM!So while I have plenty of books I don't have any in possession that are both that size and still have page 123 intact! I tend to read articles and blogs as opposed to actual books. It suprised me to learn that about myself!

So this is what I have done, in true book -tag altereing spirit I have altered the book tag ever so slightly and dug out my absolute childhood favorite- Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. I loved this book!

The cover says it was given to me in 1989 and I gifted it to my sister in 1994 with the note written inside that says " I know it's not new but it's really special ok?" Love Lisa xoxox

The book now belongs to my eldest daughter.

Ok, back to the tag!

Page 123 says 5 sentences down...

" Thankyou sir" said Jerry, "but I have only taken out a six days licence,* and therefore I could not take a fare on a Sunday, it would not be legal."

"Oh!" said the other," I did not know yours was a six days cab; but ofcourse it would be very easy to alter your license. I would see that you did not loose by it; the fact is, Mrs Briggs very much prefers you to drive her."

* The star is in the book and is accompanied by the note from the author- Six day's licence. A few years since the annual charge for a cab licence was very much reduced and the difference between six and seven day's cabs was abolished.

I tag fellow collage artist Shani, Digital artists Diane Clancy and Mick Matther, photographer D.C Confidnetial and Sweet Irene who made the fab mandala below:)

Thanks for the tag Neda!


John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Thank you for not tagging me. how much money can I send you.

Sweet Irene said...

Thank you for tagging me. I have already done this, but I will gladly do it again, because it is a lot of fun and I get to tag other people as well.

The images look great! I am glad you posted them.

Bev said...

Black Beauty is a really special book, and, I believe, written partly as a protest against the treatment of horses used for cab driving, in the days when animal welfare was starting to be thought about in Victorian England, and when the RSPCA was formed.

The fate of Ginger always makes me cry, as does the bit where Joe (?) spots the worn-out Beauty in the horse market.

I love this book too.

Bobbie said...

Lisa, I missed this post yesterday and have to tell you that I loved Black Beauty when I was a child and still do today. It was fun reading a few lines. I did not know the circumstances in which the book was written, very interesting Bev.

Neda said...

You're a good sport for playing.I hope it wasn't too much of an annoyance for you...You should have tagged John (he loves memes...haha)