Friday, January 4, 2008

2 things challenge- Health

This is another page from my diary, the calander one I mentioned a few posts ago.

The main picture in this is from an old encyclopedia. I don't know if these flowers were actually medicinal (guess I should have read the book instead of just harvesting images!) but I chose them for my 2 things challenge entry for the "Health" theme because of their names.

Bladder Campion
Corn Chamomile
Sun Spurge

They sound like health related plants to me!

As you can see in the photo below this is a functional page. The bottom half is a pocket which you can see below with some of my treasures in it.
I've intentionally damaged the page in places by peeling off a layer of paint and exposing the paper below, it gives it a sort of rustic-cottage look that I quite like! The thread is purely decoration as are the butteflies which I bought at an emporium shop just - 3 for $2.50! I love a good bargain:)

Here's to health and happiness to you this year!
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Bev said...

Clever thinking! We have a herb book and many of the herbs are very medicinal, though 'bladder campion' the mind boggles. Some people round here take echinacea which is good for colds and flu, which we get a lot of here, and we were only looking today at some supplements with this in. It also helps that they look so lovely on the page - a lot more attractive than the modern pills we take, though some of these are just old-fashioned herbs in concentrated form.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

This is a very lovely health collage ... I love it ... it is so light and airy!!

I must say I am delighted to see a comment from Bev!!!

Great entry!

~ Diane Clancy