Friday, January 4, 2008

2 things Challenge entry- Home

My Home Is My Nest.

Some of you may remember my recent obsession with nests (if you missed it please check my nests tags on both blogs!) and this is a development on them. I decided I was being a bit safe using a black background as I did on my last 2 "pile collages" so as you can see I stepped out and when green! Very green! My son got some marbles for Christmas and he saved me the black mesh bag they came in. I split it up the sides and stitched it to my page top and bottom. In my head this net was going to cover the whole page but in reality there was too much tension on the surface of the paper and it caused it to buckle wildly! As I didn't discover this until I had already hand stitched the top of the net I decided to stick with the net but only go as far a it would comfortable stretch. It was quite a challenge to not end up with a top heavy collage!
The contents of the net already existed in my art space- a random collection of found items, eggs cut from magazine scrap, painted paper scrap, used postage stamps, wool, leaves, dried flowers and pieces of a serviette. They've been either glued underneath of woven into the netting. The puzzle pieces below were initially added to provide balance. They're chunky and I think the blue ties in well with the postage stamp colours but after adding them I decided that I quite liked the double meaning...this collage is made from pieces of my nest and my home is my nest.

I usually do a photographic entry for the 2 things challenge but as you can see there's no restriction on medium or style! Check out the (barely existent) rules and the next challenge theme here. It's a lot of fun!
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griesmail said...

Hi Lisa, I was here before, I like your work and stories. I linked you, hope that is ok

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

This is a great collage of home .. I also like the way the puzzle symbolizes (to me anyway) the trying to fit it altogether!

~ Diane Clancy

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

very interestging - I always like how you use leaves netting and now jig saw puzzle peices.

Bev said...

Great to see a collage in the entry, they are usually photos. I remember your photos of the nests, and how 'damaged birds' can cause much damage in society. The nest, or home, is very important. I love the way this has all the things which are important to you, and the way you have used your son's marble net!

Rima said...

brilliant! i love this journal page, I love the concept of nest, and I love how you "feathered" that nest. I love how your mind works, ooooh, so much going on in there!