Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2 things challenge- Empty/full

This is a sketch from my work book, not a completed artwork!

If you don't mind me asking you a few questions please read on...

How you perceive this illustration would normally be influenced by the context you saw it in, the sort of magazine, newspapers etc...and whether or not your a glass half empty or a glass half full sort of person.
I decided this was a perfect image for this weeks 2 things challenge theme, not because of what it is -but because of how differently it could be percieved by each person.

This sketch has been done as part of a series of experimental sketches all illustrating the same metaphor for my assignment (currently the holidays I'm just making up for hours that I will inevitably loose during the term! lol 30 hour weeks are hard to find sometimes..)
My guidelines were clear...using the image of a hand illustrate a metaphor, using only black and white and must be 2d, no text allowed to accompany image.

The tutor said (something to the effect of..) you can draw a great picture but if no-one gets it then it's a bad illustration..
So what I want to know is...without the aid of any other influencial information how do you percieve my illustration? What is my message? What is my metaphorical hand portraying?

Oh and don't worry about my feelings...there isn't a wrong answer. It's your perception that I am interested in because it helps me to see if I have a successful illustration to work with and turn into a masterpiece:)

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Bev said...

I see what looks like a sea, and you can't get fuller than the oceans full of sea water.

To me this could be the perfect image of the aftermaths of a ship wreck. I see what seem to be rocks and a hand gripping them, after swimming safely to shore perhaps. Maybe I am a glass half full sort of person because although something bad has happened, somebody has obviously survived and there was a happy ending.

This is what I see in the picture. Interesting to see what other people come up with!

Bev said...

Or maybe someone was climbing a mountain, and the wavy background is the land behind. Either way, they have reached the summit.

Bobbie said...

I see a hand clinging to rocks on a shore. It makes me think of tenacity and hope in the face of all odds.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

I see one hand pointing - accusing or making a point - and the other hand in a fist, more defending than attacking.

Doctor, may I go home now. I have looked at every ink blot. Yes, thsat one lools like grass, a pretty mural and some big cucumber plants.

womann in glass said...

For me its a lanscape-struggle.
Weather elements in war with the "human" shore. Its a very strong and also sad threatning drawing.
It is wonderful, I wonder what size it has.
I bought myself a lot of dummies yesterday. On artschool we had to draw every day a page. I woold be good for me to restart this habit.
Hope you show more of these drawings I am looking forward Lisa.

Sweet Irene said...

I see a hand clinging to a cable, refusing to let go and holding on forever. He will win in the end and be pulled up to safety by an innocent passerby. It will turn out to be the hand of a god and the passerby will get rewarded with eternal life.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

I would say that I see an arm coming out of the sea to grip a rope ... good empty and full ...

I think that is what I would have seen even if I hadn't read that ... it was challenging for me to parse it out - what was what. (you said you wanted honest feedback)

~ Diane Clancy