Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Diary Pages

I've had a mental health day! I've had the house to myself for the whole day for the first time in ages and after whipping around to do the domestic stuff found myself totally free to create!
These pages are from my home-made calender journal. I am a piler however piles people can easily take over whole houses (and one of my children is a piler not a filer too) apparently it's to do with being a 'visual' person. Apparently I am genetically inclined to actually keep all these things AND have them where I can see them. I'll go with that!
However, piler or not I don't live alone (thankfully) and every now and then come up with a good idea for keeping stuff tidy as well a available. This is one of them.
I bought a blank visual diary and made a pocket every other page and divided it up into months so I can use it as my art calender..keep track of swaps, exhibition dates, to do lists etc, the blank pages give me something too collage or paint when I'm in a 'feel like creating but don't know what to make' mood and the pockets somewhere to store the 'little stuff' that tend to fall out of piles and get lost in baskets. Images, postage stamps, notes, art bits and ATC's, feathers, leaves- that sort of stuff!
I started in September and did a really good job of actually using it, October I wasn't too bad, November and December...what diary? So the trick is obviously too keep the whole diary where I can see it! lol and create month pages in advance because theres nothing like a bit of procrastination to kill a good idea!

This is for the record the divider for 2007/08 and I have all good intentions of doing Janurary's on my next home alone day!
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Bobbie said...

I LOVE getting this peek into your private thoughts and images, Lisa. The young woman peeking out from the magnolia leaves, the little birds scattered here and there, the jack 'o diamonds and the funky cat it!

Debi said...

I'm a piler too!

I even have a couple piles of diaries of various kinds that get used in a flurry, then languish. I'm full of ideas and good intentions. Not enough hours in the day or enough stamina to do it all.

It's fun trying though!

Anonymous said...

Private diaries are really nice to keep and refer back to. I like the looks of this one. I suppose lots of stuff is in there you don't want others to see.

I have been keeping diaries something like this but regular notebook paper type. I think about 20-30 years worth.

Neda said...

Love your pages! I LOVE THIS IDEA.. I am too much of an OCD person not to be a piler (keep eveything neatly in labeled boxes) but I never keep track of which project is due when (keeping tab on my Blackberry does it help!)and I always miss it. This is FABULOUS!!! You ought to patent it. Seriously, Lisa!

Bev said...

Very interesting to hear about the piler/filer theory! I think it probably has a lot to do with personality, as you suggest. We are all pilers here, and we keep everything in case it might be needed some day. However, when you do clear things out and tidy things it does make you feel very good and makes you feel everything is under control. Love your filing, which isn't the boring sort, but your art!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

What a great journal!! This is wonderful!

I am a piler too and that is not Susan's favorite trait of mine. I like the idea it is connected to my being visual!!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Seems to me we are all pilers. It makes perfect sense to me that it is connected to being visual. There is also a difference between piles and mess too but only a true piler can really appreciate that :)
This diary is like a time the years to come it will be interesting to see where I was (artisticaly) in that month of that year. My children will have a unique keepsake!

Maybe you could sell some 'pile diaries'Diane with your art on the covers?

Bev, when those piles become mess it can be very invigorating to have a good clean out. We do need to have control over them so they don't become distractions and mind clutter instead!

I flattered you think this is patent worthy Neda! I don't know if it is quite that genius though! Labels and boxes is something I do now and then but usually only when going through the stage mentioned above! It dosn't take long to revert to piles again!

Debi, piles of diaries! That's a new one on me lol. Embrace the piler in you:)

Abraham Lincoln, 20-30 years?? Wow. Now that's a time capsual!