Saturday, December 15, 2007

Diary Pages- January

I was playing with the idea of this book being a time capsule when I created this. The collaged page has several layers, starting with the entire alphabet stenciled on the blank page and then a selection of images collaged over top. The images/papers are random, chosen because I like them. Birds, seed heads, clay dolls, an apple, plastic, raffle tickets., a note from my son,even a groccery shopping reciept. Then I added paint and finally a layer of tracing paper (also known as baking paper, lunch wrap or waxed paper.) The idea of the paper was to trap the contents of the page underneath, sealing it like a time capsule. This day archived for ever.
The calander page is for January...some days written in Maori, some English. As you can see I have made no effort to keep my writing uniform, it's haphazrd. That for me is part of the appeal of hand made things.
I've got a couple of pockets to make and then January is done....starting next year as I mean to continue!
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Bobbie said...

Lisa, what a wonderful way to start off the new year. I love it that the days are sometimes in Maori.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

This is fascinating!! I really like it! Do you know Maori? Or just a few tidbits?

Very creative and intriguing!

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

You may be interested to know that I went to my daughter's school concert the other day and noticed the kids had been painting Maori which were displayed on the wall!

Great idea for illustrating your diary. Diaries are days encapsulated in writing, but you have got a day encapsulated in images, all the sorts of things you come across during your day, and the things you use for your art, I notice!

I also like the bookmark, which also looks quite Maori-like, being all sorts of different colours. Don't know much about it, but the kids pictures were in lots of strong colours and had pointellist paint effects, for some reason!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

That is interesting Bev! Funny to think of it being taught in another country!I also like your perception of diaries encaptulating days in writing. That is good thinking!

Diane I only know basic Maori, greetings, numbers, colours, a few animals and odd sentences! It is a beautiful language but it wasn't compulsary at school when I was their like it is now. I am glad that the language has been saved now and not lost!

Bobbie, this diary has me feeling all inspired already! I can't wait to start the new year with it!