Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Image from collage

This is an image from one of my photographs, which some of you will no doubt recognise!
I turned it into black and white, scanned it and then added a film grain effect to it on the computer. It was taken at a park here in Tauranga. For the collage I painted the edges a bit to help it to merg better.

PS: I have been asked about the images below. They were created using food dye on plain ol' tap water. I blew on the surface to create random shapes and it just so happened I got 2 birds! A happy accident as they say :)
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Bev said...

I like the black and white effect, after seeing the other photo. It helps make it even more of an iconic image, I think.

M. A. Kidd said...

I came across your page via your friend Neda, and upon seeing this piece I thought, "Hey! I recognize that!"

I stayed with a family in Whitianga all of last year and we went often to Tauranga. It's been pretty joyous for me to see all your New World receipt collages and reminisce accordingly.

Lovely work, this piece especially looks so natural and sweet. Can't help but let it surface a whole lot of memories!