Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fire bird

An accidental bird! The other day when my son made a 'fish bowl pen holder' from recycled containers, the main body being a 3 litre juice container. He wanted the water to be blue so I added some food colouring to it for him. When the dye mixed with the water I noticed the patterns it made and I made a mental note to myself to try and achieve this on purpose, purely for a photograph.
I've been wanting to use more of my own images and backgrounds in my collages so thought that I would give this idea a go.

This is the shape that appeared when I added 2 colours to water and blew on the surface to mix it. I did tweak this to make the colours bolder as it was quite dull in the original, the swan below is un-tampered with. I think the swan has collage potential, imagine it with a transfer or text over the top.... come to think of it this 'fire bird' would be great for a energy drink logo or similar. I can already see it on a t.shirt or can!

While posting this the kids got home from school. Within minutes my coffee cup was knocked off the bench and was quite literally EVERYWHERE! Amazing how far a 1 cup of liquid can spread and how far a fragments of a cup can fly when it hits the ground with enough force!
I had a grumble about them being more careful (Murphy's law- I had just mopped today) and I had just about cleaned it all up when it occurred to me that I may have just missed a good photo op. Maybe if I had slowed down a little I might have seen an image in the spilt coffee..the way the fragments of cup sat on the floor...the way the light hit the pieces that lay there! Ah well. Lesson learnt! Next time a cup hits the deck I'll check it for it's potential BEFORE cleaning it up! I am almost tempted to do it with paint...
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Neda said...

Great post! I was going to comment on the missed coffee opportunity too when I read about the mishap. Seriously, I love the way the blue swan turned out. What paints did you use?

Bev said...

I know what you mean about kids spilling things! I have just been interrupted by my daughter who has just spilt the vinegar we are using to revive some old felt tip pens. Sadly absorbed by the carpet, so no patterns! An exotic, firey bird, phoenix-like.