Saturday, September 22, 2007

Art is not for respectable woman!

This is a visual diary page and as such it is just a draft for a much bigger idea.
I would love to put something like this onto a canvas! It was inspired by ARTSVILLE last week where they did an article on an elderly lady who was just so inspiring. In brief she wanted to be an artist but as this wasn't deemed to be a 'suitable profession for a respectable young lady' in her day she was encouraged to become a nurse instead. As a young child her father who was an architect used to bring home paper for her to use and she spent her days drawing and as a nurse she used to take her visual diary with her. Art has always been a part of her and she over come many social obstacles (and later physical) to be able draw and paint. Her pages are full of people, they are a pictorial story of her life and she made me realise just how lucky us modern woman are free to be able to express ourselves through art- and if we are really lucky make a profession of it!
To put this on a canvas would mean fine tuning the rawness of this one, which I kind of like and sometimes it is enough just to get an idea out of my head and into a form I can see. That is why I love working in the VD! It doesn't matter if it's rough and sometimes the lack of 'responsibility' I feel when I take an idea to an expensive canvas actually frees me to paint more emotively and when I paint like that I get a lot more satisfaction from it! ARTSVILLE is on again tonight, channel one at sure to tune in!
Lisa :)
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Anonymous said...

Totally stunningly cool. Love it. Check out the expressions on the faces. Great symbolism ;)

3rdEyeMuse said...

how amazing to see how far we really ave come in so many ways ... thank you for pulling this post out from the past.