Virtual Tart Exhibition

I’ve long been fascinated with Graffiti. For me, good graffiti is equal parts art, soul and rebellion. It speaks to the viewer.

Unlike art kept under covers and behind frames with signs that say ‘please don’t touch’ it has a life cycle. It interacts with both man and nature.

Sometimes it’s face is changed by social intervention and the process of life and death are quick. On others mother nature adds her touches, changes colours, washes pieces away, continuous evolution causing the piece to change in relationship to time and climate.

Like all good stories there is a start and an end. I invite you to be part of that.

You can view the complete exhbition on the virtual tart website.

If you're still with me here's a link to the other graffiti posts you will find on this blog. Happy viewing!

Inspiration papers. These collages were cut up to become the graffiti boards below.

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Debrina said...

There's no date here, Lisa. When was this exhibition? Your collage work is just amazing! I hope the exhibition went well?