Sunday, October 13, 2013

Just beachy...

 Shells and other pretties for my daughters 16th and nieces 21st party last night.
 To the markets I did go....

and the beach...

Wishing you all days that are 'just beachy'.
Missing my bloggy friends!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

A burst of sunshine...

 A lovely friend of mine took me to lunch, check out the decor!
The tomato sauce bottle is a beautiful touch of Kiwiana.

 A step back in time, but doesn't it look cosy?

 OMG, that wall paper!! Love it!

While I didn't like everything I love the way it went together. A mismatched orchestra playing together beautifully!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Look who arrived in the mail yesterday...
A vintage puppet by the name of Pinocchio!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Creating original collage images...DIY!

Create your own collage imagery!

 Many of us end up with photos we like but have no real purpose for. Take the one above. I like it, it reflects the sense of community and hierarchy often seen in birds. I like it because I took it and it reminds me of the enjoyment I get from watching birds, even in my own back yard. It has visual and emotion me..but it's not an overly great photo!
So what to do with this photo? Do I hit delete and simply accept that I missed the opportunity to get some great pics? Or do I make something of it, just because I like it?

Enter technology!
I cropped it then used an antiquing filter from photo scape.

 I love this photo, as is. I manually focused this photo, it' not quite perfect but it doesn't matter when you do this...
 Coloured pencil filter (photo scape) above
Pencil filter (Picassa) below.

Cropped and colour boosted (photo scape) ...

I've used many of my own photos is collages, I enjoy creating the main image and not using an image that others already have. It makes it more 'mine' and that's something I enjoy. 
These images are now ready to be used in collage work and all it took was a little extra time and faith that there was an image worth saving.

Obviously you will create according to your own style and patience when it comes to using filters.
I've shared a few of mine below.

Best wishes for happy creating and may your nest be blessed,

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

4 pots and a bird, a blue tinted vignette!

Isn't it funny how things coincide sometimes?
I've been thinking in shades of blue lately. Blue wool pompoms, blue candles, blue pottery, blue embroidery...and then by chance I happen upon "Anything Blue Friday" on Home Talk. 
Perfect! I knew just what a wanted to share.
I got both the blue/brown pottery bowl and the water-drop like blue incense holder this week. From different second hand (thrift) shops for a grand total of $2. They belong together! I love them.
They were already placed together like this so I decided to take a few pics and play around with them. It's so cold here today, I love how the 60s filter and cross hatch filter make this look so warm. It also helped make the photo more forgiving of the slow shutter speed I had to use in the poor lighting!

One of the blogs I visited at the Anything Blue Friday party was sharing a Vignette Design Series, I didn't apply it to these photos as I'd already taken them but it's an interesting post. Go to Botanic Bleu for more information, it's worth reading if you like to create vignettes.

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