Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ICE 2014 Collages 1,2,3 and 4!!

Wow, when the artist blocks finally breaks it sure does so with gusto! I have made 4 collages in 4 days! That includes the research and drawing. It's become as natural to me as breathing and I am totally liberated from THE BLOCK!

In my ICE 2014 series I am exploring our relationship with 'pest' animals in NZ.  
Pests are defined as 'A destructive insect or animal that destroys crops, food and livestock' or 'An annoying thing or person.'
My thoughts are still circling on this. It's our own fault that we have pests species. Most are introduced to our country and the damage that results from altering the environment is long lasting. We then seek to contain or destroy them and that action becomes entwined with our culture. 

Welcome along on my latest collage journey...

 The Hunted: ICE #1.
Love Hate Relationship

We love their meat so we farm them, we set them free so we could love hunting them and now we hate them for destroying forest floors they had access too in the wild. We grew up with Bambi and Thumper. We loved them. So when did Bambi become prey?

The Hunted: ICE #2
"Separate the Men from The Boys"

Back in 'the days' it was a huge part of NZ culture to hunt deer. Out there in the rugged hill country you defined yourself...are you a man or just a boy?
I dislike the notion that you must be able to kill and survive camping in the cold, primitive deer huts in order to prove you manhood. The bigger the trophy you return with the more of a man you are...yeah right!

 The Hunted: ICE # 3
"Just not cute enough"

The possum has made it all the way to number 1 on the list of major pests in NZ. The possum kills not only plants but enjoys a feast on birds eggs. If that wasn't enough to make conservationist hot under the collar they have even been known for pushing our native Kiwi out of the burrows and taking over the residence. Oh and they're scary. They hiss, have beady eyes and the claws on them are those of a predator.
Maybe, like the counter-part the deer they would be more loved were cute enough?

This notion in particular reminds me a lot of society in general, but lets not go there...

 The possum...a bit raccoon like, a bit red panda but not enough of either to be 'cute enough.'

 The Hunted: ICE #4
"Run Rabbit Run"

Most people of my generation who grew up Kiwi will know the song " Oma Rapeti" which translates to "Run Rabbit." If I recall correctly the song is a warning to the rabbit because the farmer has his gun. The rabbit, like the deer are both loved and hated. Despite the fact they are a pest we still celebrate them at Easter and immerse the cute ones into our culture. They destroy vegetation to the point where land erodes but for most of us all it seems to take as one look at there sweet bunny noses and tails and we love them all over again...

May your nest be blessed!


ArtPropelled said...

Yay! I can see you are on a roll! Congrats on getting past the block with FOUR collages that make one stop and think.

Jo Murray said...

I'm really loving this series of collages with a message. Well done!

Penny said...

So glad your block is over, love those deer heads and the message you are giving.