Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A new collage!! Artist block BROKEN!

This is the first collage I have created in around 2 years. I am pretty excited about that!
Finally that nasty artist block has been broken!!
 How did I do that?
I waited. And waited. And waited some more. Sorry I can't give any information more useful than that for others who are experiencing the same thing. I had to wait it out and work on other aspects of my life. Apparently there's been a lot to work on!
Not only does it feel FANTASTIC to create art again it's also a great sign about where I am at now and it's so encouraging to me to actually feel like I am winning in the battle with the black dog. Whoop!!

 Here's a close up of her. I made marks on paper in pencil then collage together the neck of the deer. It was the first time I have tried that technique and although I like the look I didn't enjoy working with the fiddly bits of tiny paper! I drew the head as one piece.

 Below: A sneak preview of the next collage, this one is intended for ICE 2014. I am not sure about the other collage.

 Of course, I have something to say in this one!
I struggle with drawing, I always have and it's very rear for me to include an image of something I drew in an artwork. I am so pleased with this deer I drew that I did 4 of them, all different but in the same pose. I find the grid helps immensely, not just for enlarging but also for seeing. I need to isolate a small part and stick to only what I can see in the square with no concern about any other part of the image. If it's not in the square it doesn't matter!

May your nest be blessed!


Jo Murray said...

Lovely work Lisa. A head start for ICE 2014 indeed.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Thanks Jo. I am so happy to be creating again!

Kris said...

I love this collage. Keep on creating!!! Don't let that energy get away :)