Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm still here!

Thumbs up from the birthday girl!

Just a quick post to say I'm still here, alive and kicking! Life is good, just busy! My ICE series is 99% complete so I'll be posting my final two soon. As you can see there's been a party in our house in the last few days and I also had the honour of photographing a wedding. In preperation for the party there was a few late nights sewing graffiti/punk /rock hearts for my girl. I had been making a graffiti wall cushion but got bored with all the squares and straight lines. After hours of handsewing I cut them up and had a ball making embellsihed hearts all pink, white and black. Punk is so much fun! I also decided this party would be 'greener' than usual..no balloons, disposable plates and definately no plastic prizes! No one even noticed the lack of balloons or that the party bags were made from paper and the popcorn was home popped. So that's a thumbs up for greener parties from me!
As the kids get more independant with their school work I'm 'learning' to be ready to art in even the smallest pockets and I am back in PULP MODE. Exciting things to come!


Debrina said...

Ha ha. I know what you mean!! I'm still here too. Just my blog url has changed: http://debrinaaltered.blogspot.com/
Anyway - happy birthday to the birthday girl! Awesome photo to sketch illustration there! I've finished all things Pulpy now. You might want to toddle on by my blog and have a looksy!!! Yay you for being 99% ICE finished. Wow!

Mick said...

Party? There was a party? :O

neva gagliano said...



BeautifulDees said...

Awesome drawing...I am in awe. I cant wait to see more.
Love your blog.

deb said...

yep art in the interstices. I think of you all the time, the snow is finally melting and I can see all the nests in the bare trees waiting for spring. looking forward to exciting things!