Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 things... ICE, Lyttle Stitches and PULP!

3 Fabulous Things! ICE 2011, Lyttle Stitches and some Pulp progress! Wahoo!

Thing 1 is ICE 2011. I am so happy with the way this series has come along. I really love the collection and it's exciting to know they are now on the way to Dale and the exhibition is only a week away!  The only thing I am not happy about is my photography. I really need to master the white balance function of my camera...or stop giving my collages white backgrounds! That aside, this years collection has been a fantastic opportunity to explore my head a little more, play with naturally dyed papers and adopt some new colours. I hope you also enjoyed the ICE journey!

ICE 2011 # 12
Title: Try again.
Fragile Series. Society is a Nest II

Inspired by graffiti and a game of snakes and ladders. Sometimes in life you find a ladder, other times a snake. You can't control what happens to you, only how you respond. It can make you strong or fragile. Sometimes all you can do is is try again.

Eucalyptus dyed paper, pencil, thread, recycled papers.

ICE 2011 #13
Title: Sequence
Fragile series, Society is a Nest II

The rhythm of life, the repeating pattern of each heart beat and season. Life. Death. All things part of a delicate sequence.

Eucalyptus dyes paper,Walnut dyed paper, thread, pencil, recycled paper scrap.

More on ICE to come...

Thing 2 is Lyttle Stitches. Lyttle Stitches is the name fantastic projects spreading love and hope around Lyttleton and Christchurch. Following the devastating earthquake this project was set up to offer hope, respite and of course LOVE. It's a simple project in it's essence. Stitched hearts are handed out to rescue workers and residents alike. Even Prince William received one of these hearts on his visit to Christchurch. Children who are having to cope with so much are offered the chance to sit and stitch and workers in need of respite also find there way to the table. Talking, thinking, stitching hearts.  Simple yet so powerful. 

Top two photos courtesy of Jacinda at Watching Kereru and project founder.

Another thing that this project has done is give people like me and my kids a chance to help too. A gift to Lyttleton that isn't money but hearts made with lyttle stitches and a lot of love.

Our hearts. If you want to take part in the Lyttle Stitches project either by stitching or donating fabric, thread, buttons, lace etc then please visit Jacinda's blog.

Thing 3 is PULP REDUX!! It's been a while but were still ticking away quietly. Here's a peak of what I've been up too.

Fabric dyed with Eucalyptus bark, lace, doily remnants...just a peak! We're planning an exhibition of our completed books and I don't want to spoil the surprise!


watching kereru said...

Beautiful hearts. Ooh, I so look forward to handing these out and telling the people the story of these particular hearts. And the colour of the eucalyptus bark is superb. We did some wool with lichen last year which we still have hanging in the craft room.

Jacky said...

Fantastic collages the textile hearts too.
You are a busy one!

Jacky xox

Mick said...

The ICE Series looks marvelous, Lisa.

Debrina said...

Wowza Lisa - everytime I check in on your blog there's something fabulously new. And a wee look in on my book too! I'm so excited about getting this back; and tonight, I'm posting Kim's book back to her :-)

Debrina said...

PS. Your ICE series is INCREDIBLE!!! The complexity of the series is in the hidden meanings and the beauty is in its simplicity. Seen as a whole, your creations are just wonderous.

Lynn said...

Beautiful work all of it; especially love the fabric pieces!!!!

Lynn said...

Here I learn a whole new sort of art and I do love the fabric pieces as I too work in fabric art!!!