Saturday, February 12, 2011

ICE storm!

ICE 2011 #8
Society is a Nest II
Fragile Series
Title: Respite 

Eucalyptus and fennel dyed paper, recycled paper and paper scrap, thread

We all need a little respite now and then to make us stronger, more capable, less fragile...

ICE 2011 #9
Society is a Nest II
Fragile Series
Title: Responsible.

Eucalyptus dyed paper, recycled paper scrap, thread.

The text says 'I don't want to be responsible for a broken heart and fractured beat" which is similar to a line in a song by Alanis Morrisette.

ICE 2011 # 10
Society is a Nest II
Fragile Series.
Title: Freedom

Eucalyptus and fennel dyed paper, recycled paper scrap, thread, pencil

Even freedom is fragile.

The text says "Song of Freedom" inspired by Bob Marely (of course!)

ICE 2011 #11
Society is a Nest II
Fragile Series
Title: Wedding Vows

Marriage, it can be so fragile yet it should be so strong, if only we could always remember that we promised.. good times and bad. True acceptance of each others imperfections. It doesn't need to be perfect to be beautiful.

And Strong.

WAHOO! That's 11 done and 2 more fabulous collages to go! I actually haven't touched my art supplies in 2 weeks thanks to the kids going back to school and while that means more free time for some, it means busier days for me. I've got 2 of my children doing correspondence at home this year and it's taken a bit of getting used too, this new time commitment! It's o.k though and I'm sure it will be worth it, I just need to find some sort of new balance again! These collages were made between my last ICE post and the start of Feb, I was hoping to have the last 2 done by now but life's like that! You may have noticed I did do some dyeing with some delicious eucalyptus dye (incorporated into most of these collages) and I am pretty pleased with the results. Today I boiled up some walnuts and made ink and a post about this and the eucalyptus dye is on it's way...I hope!


Mick said...

In a word: WOW!

Erika Husselmann said...

ooooh nice! I'm still working on mine ..e^)

ArtPropelled said...

Well done Lisa. These collages are all different yet they are so you. Wonderful work!

La Dolce Vita said...

these are stunning Lisa! I adore them all!

Kim Palmer said...

I love the collages you have made for this years ICE series Lisa and these are no exception. Love the wedding vows piece.
Let me know how you go with the walnut ink, I'm dying to find out. Pun absolutely intended, LOL!

Deborah said...


John M. Mora said...

great to see the evolution over the ice ages, strong work and sentiment....always good to visit you and enjoy your very best.

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! i want to do ICE this year. omg, do i have time? i want to get one of your pieces. :)


Anonymous said...

okay, it's official. i'm doing ICE this year so must get my arse in gear! i'm probably only doing 8 collages though -- two series of 4. how fun it would be if we get one of each others!!


SKIZO said...

good creations