Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mini book and Mad for Colours Swap.

As you will all know by now I've been particiapting in LaWendula's monthly paper swaps. This month I was lucky enough to be paired up to swap with our host! Here's what I've sent to her...

The stenciled words say...
breathe in
embrace the miricle

(Oh no! I spelt miracle wrong and  I've just noticed now...what a bummer)

The theme was mad for colours so I put together so hand coloured papers togther with nature themed magazine pages. The binding down one side means my partner can cut the page away to use it.

Below are some other colourful paper's I put in with her book...

I particiapted in last months mini book swap and this is the fabulous book I got from my partner Amelia Critchlow. I love the handmade recyled-ness!

Book cover above and inside front cover and first page below:

Below are a few of my favorite pages..

The card in the pocket says the stamped word 'Love.'
What a great book!
A little while ago I also won a blog's what I won!

This fabulous postcard from Mary over at Joyfulploys. Thanks Mary, I love it!

Coming soon: Looking up trees- It's Autumn!
Dots and Circles- thanks to those who've shared there links or have said they will soon, I will be posting some of them here soon.
International Collage Exchange- My collages will be here soon! Wahoo!
Final posting for Alicia's book "The museum of forgotten things."


Amelia said...

Oh thanks lisa - those are some of my favourite pages too and I LOVE recycling papers (there are so many of them aren't there?!)

What a wonderful colourful swap too!


ArtPropelled said...

Blogging is just amazing! Here we all are sharing in your swap ..... having a good squizz at what you send off and receive.

Mick said...

Every time I look at your pieces I'm inspired to do something with the mass of ephemera and papers that I've pack-ratted away all these years. One of these days ... action!

By the way: I apologize for not sending an email, but you have my permission to use that link to "Reinventing the Wheel".

Lisa said...

Great eye candy Lisa! That journal is right up yor alley!

bad penny said...

great swaps it's great to use what ight be thrown away

La Dolce Vita said...

Amelia's book is wonderful, saw it at her place, and don't be concerned about misspelling it is art not a test! LOL!! great job, love the way it bleeds! and the contrast with the piece under it!

Poetic Artist said...

Wonderful pages and what a good swap.

Anonymous said...

what a busy bee you've been! i love your book and i love the one you've received as well. i also really dig what you've won -- you lucky girl!! can't wait to see all of your new posts. yeah!

peata said...

now that is awesome!

Lawendula said...

It has arrived! Thanks!!! :)
Got yours out yesterday!

Seth said...

Some great things here -- both they you gave and that you received. Love the little books!

ELFI CELLA said...

un petit livre pour se chercher soi même..très bonne idée..