Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Four Weeks in Autumn Collage Series

Four Weeks in Autumn Series
Collage # 5 Week 1 March 28-April 4

In my last posting I mentioned that I had started a new collage series called "Four Weeks in Autumn" and here it is! Well, one of the collages anyway:) I have created 7 small collages celebrating Autummn and each collage measure approx 10cm x10cm and is matted on a piece of watercolour card 12cm x 12cm. You can see the complete series here. This is the only collage to feature seeds instead of circlular shapes and I can see myself exploring these a little more in week 2! As you can see me usual ingrediants are all there...lino prints, coffee dye, stitching, handmade paper and other recycled bits. This is the first time I have created collages this size and with the intention of selling them. I hope! I am not sure if Trade Me is the correct place to list my art but as I don't have or want a credit card a lot of there venues arn't options for me. I will give it a go and see where it leads.
No doubt you can see how the collage 'Autumn Too" has influenced this series! Richard Watkins has quite a few artists participating in his 'Take it and Run' project and as a result he has set up a blog dedicated to the project. You can see it here if you wish to follow the progess. There will be a live exhibition held in London at some stage so that will be exciting for all involved. Thanks Richard!


Mick said...

Beautifully done ... the whole series actually! What kind of seeds?

Anonymous said...

your creativity never ends, does it lady!? this is magnificent. i lovelove it!

Annie said...

Lovely set of collages. I like the one on Richard's blog and also the layers that include the dictionary pages in this post. London UK? If so, please let me know.

deb said...

Lisa thanks for stopping by and for your support, I really like several of these collages and it is moments like this when I am kicking myself for quitting the day job because now I am too broke to buy art right now!! Hopefully I'll generate some income soon and stop by for some shopping!

John M. Mora said...

wonderful compositon - just perfect.