Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Buried Treasure

Seth Apter of the ALTERED PAGE and Dis-co project (and many others...) is, like many of us a self-confessed BLOG JUNKIE. Now, any self-respecting, self-confessed blog junkie knows that there are many wonderful, inspiring, thought-provoking blog posts in blogesphere and that we have absolutely no hope of ever reading all of them...there's never going to be enough time even if we gave up sleeping and eating! So, in a nut shell Seth has put out a call for us to repost some of our best stuff, a blog that marked a special discovery or a an artwork we are particularly fond of. The call is called "BURIED TREASURE" and this is your excuse to spend some time digging through your own archives like you would a yearbook or photo-album and to post your FOUND TREASURE on your blog, on or around THURSDAY the 16th of July. Pop on over to Seth's blog to find out more....check back here tomorrow to see my FOUND TREASURE and Seth's blog for a list of participating artists, 73 when I last checked!


Seth said...

Thrilled that you will be a part of this Lisa. And thanks so much for the shout out on this post!!

The Green Stone Woman said...

I know just the post I would add. It is the one I wrote last night.