Friday, June 5, 2009

Paper making and altered books.

Paper making! It's my latest obsession! It's amazing how addictive it is once you learn to make stuff that isn't the same thickness and texture of an egg carton! In the time that I have been computer -less I've been experimenting with different mixes of paper, varying degrees of processing and different methods of colouring and adding interest. I've had mixed results and I am definitely 'into' continuing along this road! It seems to be a natural road to follow given my interest in collage and being environmentally aware. Its almost surprising to me that I have been here already! lol.
The top photo shows my spread in an Altered book that made it's way to my house. The theme was birds...lucky me! I made the birds eggs from my own paper and the background paper was also one of my experimental pieces. The yellow comes from marigold dye (I knew I would get back to that someday!) and as the (3rd from the top) photo shows it looks a bit sickly when being made but the results are lovely. The white paper has flecks of marigold petals in it.
The leaves are some of my autumn gatherings which I pressed for collages and you can see them on the AB page too. Last but not least, my AB "the Four elements" as it looked just before I sent it off on its long journey around NZ. The pocket held tags made from feathers (air) twigs (fire) brown patterned card/bird imagery (earth) and lovely blues and white patterned card for the water. I'm sure your recognise my 'world famous' sparrow by now!
I have more on paper making to post here...and more on my disentegration bundle so please watch this space!


Anonymous said...

so great to share your vision and joy again. great

johnny and his annonimity, however that is spell.ed

Maya said...

These are beautiful. What a fun project!

The Gossamer Woman said...

Wow Lisa, you are doing such fun things. I'm fascinated by all of them. The paper making project sounds like so much fun and you know how curious I am about the altered books! The marigold dye looks like stuff for an omelet, but I can't wait to see what you dye with it and just how many marigolds did it take to make that batch? Do you use it for paper making? Please tell us more about the paper making, I want to know.


Mick said...

I've been waiting quietly until the day you discovered paper making. It's a blast, no doubt about it. Just a little hint here, but adding dry pigment to color your pulp will allow you to paint with paper. Well, instead of a brush you press it onto some sort of foundation by hand but you get the idea. Casting paper is another great adventure when you get to it. :)

Debrina said...

Gorgeous Lisa! The photos are stunning. I love papermaking and pressing flowers, leaves and've just reminded me that I need to go and check on my pressed flowers and leaves!

Vanessa said...

the leaves incased in the paper are interesting and subtle.. interesting to see what happens with that. keep us posted.