Friday, June 12, 2009

Change of plans..

The mounted collage and a close up. Leaf ink prints, laser copied nest photo, recycled sewing paper, recycled magazine image, found expired library issue slip, coffee dye. Title: Patterns.

Instead of doing lino-cuts I made a last minute decision to enter a collage into next weeks Art Exhibition at the Learning Connexion Campus. By last minute I mean last minute! I created 2 collages Wednesday night and got them dry, I mounted them Thursday to go on the overnight courier for Fridays deadline. Mounting a collage is a new experience for me! It was a first and I can't say I enjoyed it too much! lol. Everything has to so precise and it goes against my hap-hazard nature! I got there though and it was quite cool flipping the collage over and seeing it framed. I've never seen one of my collages framed so it was kind of a 'wow' moment.
Collage two: Leaf ink print, my handmade paper,thread, recycled sewing pattern paper, recycled envelope (the blue paper) coffee dye. Title: Parting gift.
I didn't frame this one and I am yet to decide what to do with it. I may offer it for sale on Trade Me or I may keep it and put it towards my entries for next years exchange. I doesn't matter for now. It's my first collage using my own paper so maybe I will even keep it!

Hoping to surf tonight so see you soon!


The Gossamer Woman said...

Now you see how nice your collages look when they are framed as they should be and I would definitely frame the second one too, as you should frame all the collages that you are especially happy with. It's the best way to present and to preserve them. I hope I can convince you to do this.


Mick said...

Irene makes a good point and I'm not attempting to be contrary here, but I'm an artist, not a framer. The trouble with framing is that it needs to make the work stand out without being overpowering in order to pay it forward in an exhibition. On the other hand, most buyers will re-frame an artwork to suit their own decor. Since professional framing is expensive, what to do? Dunno ... surf's UP!!!

The Artful Eye said...

Glad you're back in action. I've been insanely busy at work.

I love these beautiful collages.

How did you end of mounting them?

Curious minds.

Wayne Pitchko said...

nice collages...thanks for looking at my paintings....not from photos....i just start...and go from training...and just started painting 3 years ago after retiring. i will follow your blog

John said...

These are glorious. Very special. I love them.

I was framed so many times.