Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 11th International Collage Exchange exhibition

Photo: Wax Eye in a tree. This was taken by me with the intention of using it in a collage.

Wahoo! It's here and looks great! Check out this years collage exhibition at the Virtual Tart website. There are 120+ collages in all styles and themes so grab your cuppa and go and take a look! The exchange is on for the month of April. Go well!

PS: You can see my collages by using the search function to look for Lisa Sarsfield.


Mick said...

I was out yesterday to take this week's documentation photos for Seth's Disintegration Appreciation project and came with a few that are reminiscent of this. So, you know that I love this photo. :D

The Artful Eye said...

I love this photo too. I'm proud of your accomplishment to this exhibition, you should be very proud.
Wonderful talented artists and there you are.

Anonymous said...

lovely pic, lisa, saw the tart and it is glorious...be proud, it is perfect....busy..no visits...my best

j.ohnny and his lucky guano

The Governess said...

I did this a few years back and must get back onto the band wagon! It's so much fun and very satisfying!!

Anonymous said...

And your work looks great!!! I went and checked it out. Bravo!!!