Friday, February 13, 2009

ICE #2 Woven

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Laser copy of my nest photo and digitally altered bird photo, magazine scrap, green thread, tracing paper scrap, text from National Geographic. Collage on A4 water colour cardboard.

Collage #2. Title: Woven

The quote at the bottom of the collage inspired the whole piece. It says " The loom, the act of spinning, the notion of a community woven into the fabric of a landscape are vital and living metaphors"

The 2nd segment of writing says in part...their bringing together signifies conception...just as the world was spun, woman spun cotton and agave fibre into thread...while mean weave the threads.."

The words are obviously not in there original concept but there placement here feels right to me. The nest (coffee stained from yesterdays near disaster!) is symbolic and deliberate.

I am enjoying these collages!

Detail to show the papers and thread literally woven together in places.

I got an award today, from the lovely and warm hearted Irene who's been sweet enough to nominate me... so watch this space! THANKS Irene! :)


John said...

I am up early - happy V Day if you celebrate are doing great work here and I am also enjoying your palette - natural in synch with your subject.

Beautiful and inspiring.


The Finely Tuned Woman said...

That's a great piece of art, Lisa. I especially like how you wrapped it with ribbons. It seems like you are gifting it to the world.

Joy Logan said...

LOVE them!

Mick said...

Better and better!

Vanessa said...

oh yes- I think I have already said- the photocopied image on tracing paper is really delicate... maybe you could keep using this in other ways.