Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Portrait of a Nest

Portrait of a nest is a series of photographs I did today with the aim of creating images specifically for use in my collages. I don't have photoshop so I created these images by using a white sheet for the background and the black and white and 'contrast' functions on Picassa. I am especially pleased with the bottom image!
I made these eggs a while back by rolling lumps of air drying clay into egg shapes. I would love some real eggs to photograph (they're on my wishlist!) I have to nests that my kids found me, they were so excited to find them because they knew I would be stoked. Which ofcourse I am!! This nest is actually the thrush nest that featured in my 'baby birds' photo a few months back. The mother thrush was kind enough to leave it for me when her babies had outgrown it :)
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John said...

Lovely nests but be carefuk with bird mites - not sure if they have them in NZ.

Get paint.net - it is free off internet.

I will try to find lin'.

It is wonderful.

Joy Logan said...

In my whole life I have yet to find a deserted nest,rats,lol.

Mick said...

These photographs are excellent, Lisa. I was fortunate enough to find a nest on the ground last fall while working on Kings Court Cube ... I got a few photos but I don't think they're very good (I better check again). Within a week or so, the local teenagers had stomped it flat. Who says recycling isn't at the top of their agenda? Oh yes, heed John's warning! Those are nasty li'l critters!