Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nature is the best artist

Maketu Beach, 6km from Te Puke in the Bay of Plenty.

Nature is the best artist. Claude Monet once said that he 'perhaps owed becoming a painter to the flowers.'
Personally, I think that being an artist has made me appreciate nature even more. The beauty, the light, the forever changing landscape. For me, my art would not exist without nature, my inspiration and my bliss.
The other day I did a random thing. I was at the paint shop getting supplies so I can finish my "Quilt of the land" and I had 2 vouchers for a buy 2 get 1 free deal. I was having trouble choosing my 2nd free colour so I decided to do something I have wanted to do for ages...choose a paint purely because I liked it's name! I was looking for a name that would catch my imagination and then realised what I was actually doing was trying to predict what colour that name would belong too. I didn't want giggles because it might have been yellow, I didn't want goosebumb because it might have been pink...then it occured to me to look for 'nest' or 'bird' and I didn't find either. My random process wasn't so random after all! I ended up choosing "Flotsam" because I thought "Flotsam" was debris washed up on the beach! Now I think it's that white foamy stuff...I am going to look it up but after 5 mins of not so random selecting I ended up with.....WHITE!!!! lol.
Ohhh...maybe next time I will ''randomly" look for feather or birds eye view or kiwi...or fantail!

More of these photo's can be found on my photography blog. Please feel free to come by and enjoy a bit of the NZ coastline with me....

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo Lisa! I've always heard New Zealand is just gorgeous! I'm going over to your photo blog now to check out more.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I just overlooking a link to your photo blog? Because I don't see one. me the way oh Wise One and I'll follow :-)

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Sorry! A link will be helpful no doubt!

Irene said...

Flotsam to me sounds like brown and gray and blue things washed up on the beach. Not like foamy white stuff that's on top of the waves. I think someone fooled you and you should go back to the shop. Tell them that you are seriously disappointed and so are your readers.

Thanks for the link to your photoblog, i had misplaced it.

John said...

Crap, and I chose a clor called spittle.

Hope that non smoking is going well.

Neda said...

I just got back to Austin and I was delighted to catch up on all your posts. Your words ring so true.