Friday, June 13, 2008

Street and Graffii Art

For the record, I haven't turned my hand to graffiti art! I have decided to post these images here instead of on my photo a day blog because these images graffiti art represents a particular group of artists that I have always been intrigued by. The stenciled artworks to me represent street art, the scrawled words graffiti. Personally I feel that the scrawled swear words are ugly and problem done by a bored teenager who had nothing better to do. The same sort of person who graffiti's fences, business and picnic tables and costs tax payers a lot of money in cleaning it all up repeatedly.

Street art's different. Rebellious maybe, but different. Some of you may remember the Charlie Chaplin image I showed on my other blog, I was cheered and humored by finding the gent in a top hat and tails in an unexpected place.
The images they choose to leave represent their thoughts and views just as the images I use in collages do. There's something really appealing to me about all the layers in these photos. Those left by time, by other artists and by chance. These are stories. I guess it's up to us to figure out what they are and what they mean but I know I walked away from the bridge where I found them (see below) contemplative and somehow changed by what I saw.

I hope this George Bush image doesn't offend anyone. I'm simply showing what I saw. I don't know if it was an American or a NZ'r who left their mark here but either way it's interesting that ended up this old rail bridge that goes across the water from Tauranga to Matapahi.


John said...

On my way home on a train over roads and easements that have seen years of graffiti.

Your images are stunning, Lisa. I love them - raw and pure and bluntly beautiful.

And capped with that landscape.

My thumbs way up. Way to go.

Mick said...

I really enjoyed seeing these and I'm quite a fan of street art and graffiti myself. I've often wondered how often our cave dwelling ancestors railed against "those darn kids!" who kept painting on the walls.

Bobbie said...

Lisa, I love these graffitis too. In Dallas, Tx we have an area landmarked as "Tunnel Art" located in Deep Ellum area which is pretty nonconformist. It is fun to drive through it, but many dirty words have obscured the original art that used to be there. I particulary love the "wanted" poster.

The Artful Eye said...

Wonderful photos, Lisa. We don't have much graffiti here but in big city L.A. it's rampant. I think they've given up trying to clean it up. I like this rebellious art, like you just wish it didn't destroy personal or public property. They should make graffiti parks, just like skateboard parks where anyone can try their hand at the form.

Anonymous said...

Great post Lisa! (btw, I kinda agree with the Bush sentiment).