Monday, June 9, 2008

Altered Playing Card Accordian Book, Round Robin!

Cover page, front. I am stoked with the way this turned out! I squeaked in bread tag embellishement too.

Inside front cover. The blank 'page' will be altered by another artist.

Back page and inside of the back cover page. Mini playing card, paint, lace, recycled images.

It's been a long time since I actually played cards! This Altered Playing Card Accoridan book is part of an Alternative Artist's swap that I am hosting. There are 9 pages in this book, including the covers. Each participant has their own book and will work on a 'double page spread' in each of the other players books. The possibilities are endless. I already have a altered heart suit of cards from a swap and we're working on the suit of spades soon. Gotta love cards!
It was predictable what my theme would be but in order not to drive other people completely mad I have chosen "Van Gogh" for an upcoming altered tin, tip in swap. (He did paint a bird or too

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Mick said...

Every time I see work like this, I want it. Very nice work, Lisa.

John said...

The cover is beautiful and I like the layers you employed since the insode is not just the flip view of the cover - so there are surprises.

The good news is all this purply feminine art has not made me want to go out and buy and wear a feather boa.

Joking aside, good stuff. Solid.

Shani said...

Well, I just have to say "ditto" to Mick's comments, very nice work Lisa! It's enviro chic meets vintage!!! What's not to like! Bravo!

The Artful Eye said...

This book looks wonderful right from the start. I hope we get to see the completed project.


Trijnie said...

what a beautiful project. Its great to see your work again

Joy Logan said...

Cute book,have fun!

Bev said...

It is very attractive work, enviro meets vintage, as Shani says, very orginal.

I like the way the Round Robin is illustrated literally!