Friday, April 4, 2008

Boats in the bay

This painting is nearly finished! Just the rocks on either side of the bay to go and I should be able to get them done tomorrow. I took it from the stage below today after 6 paintless days :(
I could have snuck in a half hour here and there but I'm not working to a deadline and that means there's nothing to gain from painting to the point of sleep deprevation! I've enjoyed the relaxed pace, although I think I probably make more decisive and intuative choices when I have less time. These hills were green when I last posted them, then I changed my mind and painted them brown and added a bit of bush, then I decided I needed more bush and...well, you get the idea! I've dulled the sea since I last posted too which I am much more satisfied with. The shade of blue I chose originaly was making the whole scene too bright. I wanted to try and capture a fading light, not middle of a summer day light! I think I am on the right track now! lol I think the hardest thing with this painting is that I am painting from my head with no point of reference like I did with Tuscany. (Andrea was it you the asked if I was painting from a photo?) I didn't copy Tuscany but it was much easier having a visual to work from. I will remember that for the next painting I do.
Ah well, time to get the kids sorted for bed...reality visits us all eventually! lol
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Anonymous said...

Looking good Girl!!! I so admire your paintings. It seems like whenever I paint, I end up throwing away what I do. I don't know, but I don't seem to look at my paintings and ever feel satisfied, they normally end up in the trash. I wish I didn't feel like that, but I do. I go in these spurts, I'll paint a few things. Keep them a while, then throw them away. Now my drawings, no, I like them, I feel satisfied with those, my collages, like those too. I don't know, in painting I feel less "in control", hard to explain, I just don't "feel" the process.

John said...

I like it, there is a similarity with the boats - all pointing in same direction which I know is intentional. Know a rule, breeak it.

Gives it folk feeling also I can sense the quality of your light there.

The painting's best effect for me is the sense of light.