Friday, April 25, 2008

2 things challenge-Self portrait.

Another theraputic piling session:) A4 visual diary page.
The 2 things challenge this week is Self/Portrait so I decided to do a piling/collage that represented me, using elements from the things that have most captured my heart and mind at this point.
The interesting light quality is from my shaddow falling onto the page which I didn't set up intentionally but kept intentionally once I realised how appropriate it was that my shaddow should be cast on my own self portrait...they are my eyes too. Hope that's not too freaky! lol
If you want to enter this weeks challenge you have until Sunday or Monday if your in my part of the world to get yours done. Any medium and any style welcome.

Thankyou to everyone who responded to the post below. It seemed to outrage everyone and no one sat on the far as I have been able to find it is a genuine story and it's quite scary to think things like this do happen. Neda alerted me to another artist who wishes to use a human being dying in an exhibition in order to illustrated the beauty of death. I kid you not. They havn't done it but it makes me wonder what sort of lines can and will be crossed in the name of art! I don't wish to depress anyone either so I won't go on and don't click the link if you don't really want to know the story...
Another scary happening although not on the same sort of scale (just different) is the discovery Neda made when she came across her art for sale on photobucket by someone who was totally breeching copyright laws. There was no permission given for the sale of these works, the images belong to Neda and there was not intention of giving the proceeds to Neda so be can happen and it does! There's also a petition online againts a law change that will see artist's have no protection at all from other people using there art if it's deemed to be an 'orphaned work' even if that person who acquires it is blatantly ripping you off and making money off your work! Oh, and scarily this would include the use of your own family photos. Scary? Yes!! Sign the petiton here. As with the dog story the strength is in the numbers of people willing to take a stand and be heard.

Again, I wish you all the very best and a fabulous weekend:)
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Metaphorical Sweet Wood Irene said...

Your collage is wonderful, Lisa. I enlarged it and had a good look at it. It's like peeking into your soul a bit and trying to figure out the meaning of everything. It makes you want to make one yourself. You should have collage making afternoons.

Mick said...

More than the obvious bits of notated music, this is very musical for me.

Neda said...

Thank you for your informative post. Strength in numbers indeed!

I simply love that collage. You've got such a deep inner vision. Wish I could see all your creations in person!

The Artful Eye said...

Lisa, you've outdone yourself again.
Excellent interpretation. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do for this one. Times a tickin'

Frances said...

Brilliant work. self-portaiture is so hard.
I have heard about the dying art as well. Some people have no boundaries.
Do you think they consider it art themselves, really? Or are they just publicity-hounds?
As a non-artist myself, I do sometimes find it impossible to know.

John said...

Very special, Lisa - I am repeating what others have said and this one is impressive.

You know I like birds too - the NZ bird stamp, your use of leaves and all.

Congratulations on a very strong open revealing self portrait.

Maya said...

What a great idea for this challenge! Well done. I love it.