Monday, March 17, 2008

Tuscany 2

Tuscany 'take' 2 I should say! (Unfinished)
I like this one too by the way! Really like it. I took if from the stage shown in the photo below (other projects) to this today. That yellow sky was so wrong and as soon as I added "raging bull" as Resene calls this particular shade of red I knew I was on the right track. I actually bought it by mistake but seeing as though I can't remember what colour it was I had intended to get I will conisder it a happy mistake!It is soooo good to be painting something I like again. The first Tuscany really threw me, both confidence wise and engery wise. That's a long story though and to cut it short I got it back after my last effort and I have spent 6 weeks or so procrastinating over it. I just couldn't finish it. I was flogging a dead horse!
So I finally told the person who comissioned it I'd give their money back or start again if I could paint in my way. I don't know why I ever took it on now. Obviously she was happy for me start again, although I am providing the canvas in good will. She actually said "do what ever you like" and I have taken inspiration for this off a coaster and placemat set she owns so atleast I know she likes them! I wouldn't actually mind keeping this

PS: This measures 24"x36" (Not metric John!) and the collages were all A4 size.
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Bev said...
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dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

I love this Tuscany ... it is so hard trying to do something specific for a client in that way. Sometimes they distort the very spirit they admire and wanted a piece of!!!!

~ Diane Clancy

Trijnie said...

Its always difficult when people expect you to paint in a certain
way.Its nice you got the freedom at lastand let evryting go . It is a warm an interesting paiting I think. Now I want to visit the warm Toscane

John said...

Good composition, Lisa. Looking very warm and sunny. I cannot wait for you to add other best.


Bev said...

I love this. You have captured the essense of Tuscany, with the colours and shapes of the trees.

When you posted your picture before of Tuscany it got me thinking of my old photo album of my trip there, which I have posted on my blog today in case you are interested!

Mick said...

Yes, as everyone is saying, this painting is coming together quite nicely. The house in particular makes me think of Edward Hopper.

The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful painting so far... I love the shadows of the trees and the composition and color are fantastic. I wouldn't want to give it away.