Sunday, March 16, 2008

International Collage Exchange #13

National Geographic images, NZ house and garden images.
The words say"Is it a crime to sell woman? They sell footballers don't they?" A brothel owner on his arrest made this indignant statement and demanded compensation for his loss of income. Sad but true.
Title: Is it a crime?

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Well, I've done it!! This is the single biggest body of work I have done on the same theme or theory as the case would be here! Thankyou all so much for your warm fuzzies and intellegent, funny and inspiring comments. I have learnt a lot about my collages, myself and about you all. I need to flatten these and get them in the post tomorrow so I'm just going to fly under the wire on these ones!
I've enjoyed working through the various aspects of this series, the collages exploring nests working well arn't as numerous as those that highlight a need or an injustice but I don't mean to imply that the world is just a horrible and nuture-less place. It's not. There a beautiful places and beautiful people. There's also a very fine line between the good and the bad. I have created more questions for myself than answers in some ways with this series. I don't get why there's so much injustice, why all nests arn't made equal, why the world is the way it is. But then again I never set out the answer those questions, the most important thing that each of us can do is ensure that our part of the nests are strong. That we build nests that are places of nuture, love, security and hope and that we raise birds who don't just fly but soar.
I wish you and yours well on this journey and thankyou for sharing in mine:)


Sweet Irene said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us and rest assured that I for one am doing my best on my journey, perilous as it gets at times.

It is good to know that someone with awareness is making art out there about it.

Sandra T said...

Thanks for sharing your collages AND the stories for each. It's fantastic to see them all on your blog and inspiring to see how you incorporated your theme across the body of work. I'll be posting mine on my blog soon.

Mick said...

A sigh of relief for a job well done and a catch in your step knowing that there's to be something missing for a while. Choose carefully. :)

John said...

This one is beautiful and very self assured. That was my first thought seeing it. Very mature and it looks efforless.


My best.

Trijnie said...

I was not here a long time, you made beautiful collages

The Artful Eye said...

Wonderful job, Lisa! This journey, your journey has been an enlightening experience. Congratulations on this accomplishment.