Saturday, February 16, 2008


Thank you to for the warm comments on my painting below. I am so glad that it was taken in the fun spirit intended.
Painting or drawing upside down can help to produce a more fluent picture because the mind is not so much in control. Ofcourse the artist is not actually upside down, rather the piece of paper and the drawing is done upside down starting at the 'feet' end or on my case the chest. Neda said in a comment that this technique can also be used when scouting for collage images. Thanks for the tip Neda!
I have heard of a famous artist (who's name I can't quite remember, but it was someone in Andy Warhol's era) who painted suspended in a sling so that the painting was directly underneath them. I don't have a sling or I may well try this!
I think with painting or drawing upside down you really need to be prepared to let go. Drawing is something that causes me to look at a blank piece of paper and freeze. I can't figure out where to start the drawing and then when I finally get going it almost always I dosn't look like anything I had in my head! I have been known to throw tantrums about this! Doing it upside down somehow helps me.
That said I found it as challenging to post it here! Even though you are all lovely and kind people I still had moments last night when I thought "Oh * why on earth did I put that on my blog?" What if it offends John? What if it is not good enough? What if your all too scared to give me an award (should I be deserving!) ever again??? I had to tell my mind to let go and accept the finished piece as being what it is- a fun portrait , a thankyou and not the next Mona Lisa.
Ok, I could go on but I like you guys and won't do that too you:) I am actually taking my eldest to the Jim Cooper exhibition today and the gallery has organised a mask making activity for the kids to do in JC style. What a great way to encourage kids into art! Maybe I can learn something too...


The Artful Eye said...

Thank you, Lisa for showing your courage, putting yourself out there. So many won't take a chance.

Wish I could go to the Jim Cooper exhibit.

Bobbie said...

What a cool method, to draw upside down. I must try that and see what I get. It will surely be an improvement over right side up. hehe.

Don't worry so much, Lisa. John as you know is a cool guy and probably was very flattered that you thought to do his portrait. I would be :)

Sweet Irene said...

Never be embarrassed about yourself, Lisa. We all spill our guts on the Internet every day and you doing a very personal painting like that is fine. You haven't crossed any lines.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

My lawyer will be calling your lawyer....ohhhh, it's not like you did a moimoi to moi.

You are most talented and kind....I admire your zeal, it is very best.