Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jim Cooper exhibition

What can I say that these don't already say for themselves?
In my not so humble opinion Jim Cooper is another NZ genius! He's illustrated the words of the Beatles song "Sgt Peppers lonely heart band" through these ceramic sculptures and paintings.
The exhibition was just awesome! The statues seen on the cover of the mock record sleeve where all lined up againts a wall and opposite them was a huge floor 'Aladdin's Cave" of spontaneous and instinctive drawings. Absolute gems! In the midst of them was a video of Jim Cooper himself, creating these drawings and it had a tour of his studio. As it is -no snobbery.
Jim has tapped into the creative energy that drivess us to create and he dosn't question it. He just draws, paints, sculpts and collages to his hearts content.
In my (again not so humble opinion!) it takes great courage to share something so deeply personal with the world. What he has shared is not child like but more primal. The art is an expression of thoughts, a response to the song and it's perfectly imperfect!
Another thing I like it that Jim draws upside down, well he draws his people upside down. It helps the flow and stop the over thinking that can interfere with a good piece of art. I came home with a packet of crayons (part of the exhibition pack) and could not wait to draw! Actually I painted but my point is, I was soooo excited! So inspired! So 'on fire!'
How often do we get to truly feel that? And you know what else? DRAWING UPSIDE DOWN WORKS!! I actually produced 5 lisa-style portraits that I liked! and I never draw or paint people. It may sound strange but right at that moment I felt as if I could draw ANYTHING. I felt empowered by releasing the urge to control and make perfect drawings.
I seriously reccomend drawing your picture upside down! (Just the image, not you upside down ofcourse!)
OK, settlling down again now...one can only cope with so much excitement!
Neda, thanks for the tag, as soon as I find an un-altered book that still has page 123 I will reply.
Shani, Mick, Sweet Irene, Diane and DC stay tuned because I have every intention of tagging you all when I come back!
Lisa :)
PS: As I mentioned on my photography blog I am having trouble posting comments at the mo...I am trying though!
PPS: Yes I love the red too, that brown was terrible! Thankyou for your compliments!


Neda said...

This is so cool! Are these actual recognizable figure? The one with the crown looks like Kermit (or is it the Queen?..no offense meant).

Drawing upside down! How clever. I use this technique to scout for collage images...never tried drawing or painting that way though...Thanks for all that info! Looking forward to your inspired work!

Sweet Irene said...

Your enthusiasm is sparkling off the page. It is making me enthused and it is too early in the morning for that, I'll wake up Eduard and the dog and the cats.

I would have loved to see that exhibition. It sounds like it was very challenging and innovative art. I like that! Imagine someone having the courage to do the unusual in such a loud and obvious way.

We sure do live in the New Age, don't we? Anything is possible.

Oh, by the way, I have already done the book meme.

Bev said...

Very interesting, and enjoyed reading about him. His work definitely has a NZ feel to me, being brightly coloured and the faces look quite tribal.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Thank God a Dutch lady can spell "enthusiasm" because I read the post and thought I wish I had that enthusiasm and then Irene handed it to me on a delft platter.