Friday, February 29, 2008

International Collage exchange # 7

National Geographic Images, recycled plastic mesh
The words say' the residents call it home' and are part of the original image.
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Bobbie said...

Lovely, especially the way the parrot's wings seem to enfold the boy in the river. Your collages are wonderful, Lisa!

The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful work! This collage has a vignette quality, short scenes, intertwined.

Mick said...

One of the things I like most about doing a series of work is to see how you develop from the first to the last. I'm not quite sure where I am with this one personally, but I think the artful eye has it right about the vignette quality ... I like that.

John said...

I like the one above better, but this plays well within the series. It is darker, the darkest one yet to me.