Sunday, February 3, 2008

CD Book pages

Recycled lace, sewing pattern paper, book images, electrical tape backing. CD used as a template.

These are 2 pages I made for an altered CD book.
Each month all of the players make one page to the theme of another player, just like in the Altered Book Round Robin's or Tip in's. It's a straight swap, I made one in Jen's theme (which was J) and she's made one in mine. In the end we'll end up with around 8 double sided pages each made by 8 different people. We alter CD's to make our own book covers. It's a good way to collect art and ofcourse save 2 CD's from the rubbish bin:)

Front page-
J is for J Henri Fabre (1823-1915)
The first man to make detailed obsevations of animals in the wild. He spent 40 years watching bees and wasps in his garden in France and proved how complex there behaviour was. (Info from old children's encyclopedia.)
I included all that info on the tag inside the pocket. My son has this electrical tape that is 'grippy' as opposed to 'sticky' and the plastic backing from this tape was gifted to me by him (he know's the way to his mothers heart....) and I used it to collage the background, with the help of a little paint it took on a honey comb look which I was very pleased with!

Back page-
J is for Jasmine.
A little more obvious this time! The old flower and fruit encyclopedia I picked up for 50 cents is certainly getting a lot of use!


John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Hi! You are welcome for my taking the time to drop in and leave you a comment. I hope you appreciate it.

These two sets of images are strong, solid, organized and mature. I truly love them all.

I am truly impressed here. My best.

I can see always in your work a love of nature, plants, life. Wondeful.

Mick said...

What a great idea this CD alteration project is. I like! :D

Neda said...

Like both, I prefer the J for great!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Oh I certainly do John!

Thanks Mick, helping the environment and creating at the same time...what more could I ask for?

Thanks Neda, I was so stoked when I found that picture!