Thursday, January 31, 2008

2 more Fantasy Tip in pages..

Recycled lace, recycled magazine and book images, paint, thread, digital camera component.
(Front pages- top photo)
Page 1- Memaid.
Although this page took a lot of time cutting and gluing all of her scales I think it was worth the effort! I found this image of the lady laying down in a magazine and decided that she needed a tail...really, I am not sure why she never had one originally:)
The lace flower is from a net curtain and the moon and shells from childrens books.
Page 2- The Quest for Immortality
I found the cape wearing, shield bearing horseman in a childrens book and knew straight away I would use him. Took me a while to think of a theme as I am trying to avoid any direct links to magic, wizards etc. The little square at the top right corner is from a digital camera that my son took apart.
The back of that page has an image of a young female apache indian performing a ceremony in a seemed to be made for the page!
I have to say I am really happy with these pages...I got my book back from Spain yesterday and it's absolutely beautiful. Stunning!!
Will post pics soon:)


dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

I LOVE these too!!! So beautiful!! I think I must have missed something .. are you doing a book for publishing? Are these pages for it?

I love them!!

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

You must have had such a good time making these pages. I can see the meticulous work that went into them. It takes a lot of imagination to come up with something this good. I wish I was your neighbor and I could watch you make them.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

These pages show confidence and touch,
Very very beautiful and complexity.

I'd tip my hat but that would show my bald spot.

Bev said...

These are great!! You have a very good eye for what will go together for the best effect.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

There is a little something for you over at my blog.


~ Diane Clancy

womann in glass said...

beautiful Lisa, you worked very hard

Kris Cahill said...

These are so lovely, Lisa. Nice work. I especially like the maiden in the teepee as an addition.

I want to know about your book also. It sounds enticing!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Thanks everyone, I am so appreciative of your comments and encouragement!
No, these tip in's arn't for publishing as such...honestly for the time that goes into them you would need to charge an arm and a leg for a whole book! It's done for the joy of collaborating and collectively achieving something unique and beautiful!
I'm well and truly addicted to these puppies so no doubt there will be more to come!

Neda said...

Wow! I am back from Beirut and I am finally able to visit all the blogs I love! You have been very busy, I see :)...BTW, how in the world do you glue all these? Beautiful work!!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Hi Neda, welcome back!!
I use a good glue stick for the paper stuff, a super glue called H2-stick it for the chunky stuff and I stitch the threads. Quick and easy!