Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tuscany Update

You may have read a month or so ago about my dilemma with this commissioned Tuscany painting! You may have also read that I got it back to make you can see I have now painted out the sky that was formerly above these villas. A quick scroll down the page will show you the first version of Tuscany :)
I didn't really like it to be honest because it's not ME. However I did learn a lot from it in terms if skill and about who I am. I did vow never to accept another commission that wasn't for my true style and I also reminded myself how personally draining I find making art for no reason other than money! I never did bond with this painting. All that being said I am determined to finish this painting! I will end up with a happy customer and I will take from this what ever I can in terms of personal growth. Actually, 'grounded' was the collage I did to work through some of my frustrations with this painting so all is far from lost!
The painting looks a little bizarre and in-coherent at the moment but I think I may even like it a bit (just a little) better now the blue is gone. It takes away some of the cottagey look that it had. I heard Bobbie in my head saying "just paint those hills...really paint them" so I did and I enjoyed painting them! Thanks Bobbie:)
On the hills I am putting a big villa and grape vines. The 'owners' of the villa also own the grapevines and a winery hence their status and financial prosperity. They are too overlook the town that was born from the industry relies on the jobs provided by the winery. Well that's the story given to me (and much more descriptive than my first brief!) and that's what I'll paint! I'll keep you posted!
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Sweet Irene said...

It's a very beautiful painting so far, Lisa, but I can understand you not loving it if your soul isn't in it. I do like the way the village hugs the hulls. I am sure it will all turn out just great.

Sweet Irene said...

I mean the way it hugs the hills, of course, not the hulls.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

I understand!! I don't know if you followed my doing some design work for someone ... but it was similar. Working to their specifications that they weren't clear about ..

And then having a lot of work to try to remedy it. A drag .. I feel like Spirit is directing me back to my own work.

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

I alway liked it because it reminded me of a school holiday I once had in Tuscany and, believe me, it looks exactly like this. You do very well to do this work and bring up a family as well. Forgive me, but I think the lady you did it for was a tad on the fussy side

womann in glass said...

I love this landscape painting

Neda said...

I have followed your tribulations and I am appalled at having to "fix" it...How did this happen? I must have missed something! I hate re-doing stuff and I admire you for being a good sport.