Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tag I'm it!

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Ok, I got tagged by both Bobbie and Debi so I am going to honour both tags seeing as though I have 2 blogs! The first 5 answers are below, the 2nd 5 are on my photo a day blog.
But first I am going to tell you about this painting!
I painted this over a year ago when I decided that a painting a day would be a good idea...hence the 7 segments.
Well my hat is off to those that do a painting a day because I found it really hard! What a committment! It was a nice wee experiment all the same!
I really do like this painting though..I enjoyed putting things together that don't usually go together. I like to bend rules a bit!
Having seen this painting again I can see my collage style is quite similar. That's an interesting realisation for me..the collages arn't really that different to other things I have done after all!
I am going to play with this style of painting again soon.
Also I paint A LOT BETTER now!! lol
Anyway...the tag game. Bobbie here are your answers:)
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
1) I often think I am to soft to survive in an art world with professional critics. I once donated a painting to charity for a live auction and I went to the auction and it didn't sell. I was so upset I didn't paint for weeks. I wonder how I would cope if I did an exhibition and the response was poor? I bet Billy Apple didn't worry about such things!
2) I cry when I watch sad movies or documentries. I even cry when something sad happens on made up programmes!
3) Yet I am utterly facsinated by true forensic type programmes and books. I look at all the gory photo's with fascination and awe.
4) I failed my restricted license 3 times and got it on the 4th attempt.
5) I have only been painting for 1 and a half years and collaging for about 7 months.
I don't have 5 people to tag that havn't already been tagged (will have to be faster next time!) But I am going to tag my good friend and artist Julz who has a brand new blog and Lynette who moderates (wonderfully I might add!) several yahoo art groups I belong too as well as co-moderates my Yahoo art group- Awesome Alternative Artists!
Thanks Bobbie for the tag!


Bobbie said...

Lisa, I enjoyed reading your answers to the 5 things. Art seems torn between the soul and the heart. You are able to create and express and fill your soul in so doing, but at the same time you wear your heart on your sleeve when you display your work. We need the feedback which sometimes hurts (a lot).

You have come a long way in 1 1/2 years, Lisa. Here's to more to come :)

Debi said...

You are quite the dichotomy. Crying at made up programs AND relishing crime shows.

Your art has a dichotomy too. Hm. That's interesting.

I can't imagine painting every day and no wonder you are proud for having participated. The painting above is awesome. I love #7 the best -- the orange thingies against the black and white thingies really excite me. And what an unusual approach -- the way you've laid each section out.

Venue is everything. I suspect that if the auction attracted little blue-haired old ladies, your work wouldn't sell. But given a different audience, say those interested especially in NZ heritage, I bet it would fly off the block.

There is a famous American painter: Thomas Kinkaid. Now, I hope I don't offend any one's taste here, but I can't stand his stuff. There are NO GUTS in it. But he sells. A lot. So, here's to having real GUTS, kid. And one day -- like your hero Billy Apple -- I'm sure it will pay off and you will be happy making the art you are destined to make.

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

I do art for myself and try not to think about selling or what other people think too much. That is hard to do and often I fail.

At high end, art is a commodity and paintings sell for more than the building that houses them - there is a Museum in Manhatttan called the Frick and it is a glorious structure - a mansion for a steel mill robber baron - and the paintings inside dwarf the value of prime upper east side real estate.

Others see art as something that matches the sofa. Props, action, camera. Pottery Barn in the USA.

I just listened to a podcast about Bob Dylan and his son spoke about how growing up the son never knew what kind of year Dylan had had(whether he sold lot of records, or his reviews bombed) because Dylan never cared about gold records, etc. Dylkan never displayed them in his home, never let media control him.

I am not that hard.

I like your art and your honesty. Also your photos of your art. Your credibility comes accross in what you create.

Rima said...

What? you've only been painting for a year and a half?! and collaging for even less? you could've fooled me, woman! you're fabulous! I wonder why you think the painting didn't sell at that auction? Mind you, it doesn't matter at all - art is in the eye of the beholder, not the buyer, I promise you that. I should know - it is surprising how few true art patrons are out there, and how many would-be wall decorators have money to spare.

I love the CSIs too, hehe... but skip the gory parts every time, can't stomach it.

What's a restricted license?

Can you put a fee thingy on your blogs so we sign up to see updates on Google reader? or other readers? easier for many of us than signing up for email updates

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yes Bobbie, I do wear my heart on my sleeve! Especially when it comes to my art. I'd be a terrible poker player! lol
I think I am getting stronger though and I don't mind creative critisim at all. Silence actually hurts more. I just need to learn to be comfortable with taking baby steps towards artists bliss:)

Debi, I had to look up that word! lol. But yes I am a bit of a contridiction like that. The thing with the forensics is that it appeals to my intellect. The science behind it all intriques me. I see a body not a person. But I cry when my favorite characters die on TV! Go figure!
My friend once said to me that my art didn't go with people's curtains and neither does hers. It makes it harder to sell. She's right..we don't do blend in with the couch and curtain art! When I have I've ended up frustrated and feeling like I have betrayed myself somehow. I am going to check out that Thomas guy..but I think I know what you mean. I'd rather be understood than rich. I'd rather my art evoke an emotion or thought than be pretty and safe. I just need to remember that!

John, I am glad you dropped by again. Interesting what you said about Bob Dylan. I like his music but know little about the musician.
I remember hearing about the Doors being asked to change the lyrics of one of their songs from "Girl we couldn't get much higher..." to something safer and they refused to comprimise their integrety by changing to please the masses. I really admire that. They risked sales and fame to stay true to themselves. However we all know what happend to The Doors!
Thankyou for your honesty compliment. I think you identify with that because you are equally raw and honest in your posts..I think that one reason I identify with you. Here's to creating art that dosn't match sofa's!!

Hi Rima!! Thankyou for visiting:) I'll come over and *see* you soon too.
Sometimes I forget how short a time I've been doing this and I want to be at the top of the ladder before I've climbed the first. I have to keep telling myself to take baby steps!
A restricted license means I can drive without a supervisor bit with restrictions on who I am allowed to carry and what times I can drive:) It goes Learners, Restricted, full here in NZ. Bit like crawling, baby steps, run!
I added some reader thingees..please let me know if I didn't get the right one! Thankyou for the suggestion:)

OK, back to housework. Sob...

Rima said...

Yep, it's the right feeder thingy (at least for me!) - i've subscribed and it updated me with your ten latest, so we know it's working!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Lisa! A Happy New Year to you! How about a triple tag? Yep, I did it. Welllllll, you see in thinking of people whose work I admire, you just came to mind. Maybe it's cheaping a bit, but hey, you've already answered!

dianeclancy said...

hi Lisa,

It is delightful to read about you!! Great fun.

I cry too and also watch the CSI shows ... and cry about made up things .. emotional.

I don't you a bit for feeling vulnerable .. I sure do too!!

Thank you again!

~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

It was fun reading your responses, you were going to be "my" victim but Bobbie beat me to it!

It's always a pleasure reading you and seeing your new work!