Monday, December 10, 2007

Tuscany -Completed!

OK, here it is! I apologise for the delay! I have made a few changes since my last post, most noticeably the new flower field. They flowers are light purple with deep purple centres and deep purple with white centres. They are imagination flowers like the yellow ones. I better defined the yellow and deep red Tulips in the middle field as well as the other rows of flowers. The very top flower fields was repainted for a 3rd x (but I am happy now lol)
So my personal verdict...I wouldn't hang it on my own wall because it is not my personal flavour but I think that given the challenges it's not a bad result. The lady who it is for is due home in less than 2 hours, she has NO IDEA what is waiting for her, she hasn't seen it and her brief was "I want Tuscany with flowers and villas. Small Villas and lots of flowers." Then she added "God will show you what I want."
Gee, I sure hope I was listening!! Lol

I am really glad to have been able to share the Tuscan journey with you all!
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Bobbie said...

Lovely Lisa! I think I would like to go there and walk amongst those thousands of flowers. See...I told ya that it would be good. And God did show you what your client wanted :)

Bev said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the Tuscan journey, as I did when I was actually there. Lovely new field, of which I wholly approve! She certainly got lots of flowers, they look great, and we know there was lots of effort involved in painting these tiny delicate things, especially with the family constraints that were involved. A steady hand!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

This is so lovely!! I love it!!

She is very lucky ... and I bet you were guided.

The other picture is a riot!!

~ Diane Clancy

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Thankyou Bobbie, Bev and Diane. It's always great to read your comments.
The new owner of the painting came home and was really suprised. She loves the villas and the flowers BUT dosn't want sky so I am getting Tuscany back and replacing sky with hills, villa's and grapevines...I felt (to be honest!) like crying when she said that! lol Not sad tears but dissapointed that I hadn't quite gotten it right. I must have been tired though coz I didn't feel quite so bad about it this morning. So..the Tuscan journey isn't finished yet!

Bev said...

Since I have been swearing a little recently, for G*ds sake! But at least you are great at doing the hills, villas and grapevines! Doesn't she think Tuscany has any sky? (Hope she is not reading this)

griesmail said...

Hi, great to see your blog and work.
regards from Holland

Bobbie said...

God has a lesson for you here, my dear. Just go with the flow and enjoy painting those hills, villa's and grapevines. REALLY get into it.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Thanks Bobbie, that sounds like intuative advice! I will do it with a much joy as I can muster :)

Bev,no my friend dosn't read this! hehe. I was a bit upset about the whole sky thing but I would rather paint over sky than all those POPPIES!! yes then I really would cry!

Thankyou Griesmail, I have been and visted you also. Lovely work!

Neda said...

Congrats... Just a note to tell you that I was able to click on the painting and I saw every little detail! Wow!

P.S. Better reduced it to 400 pixels (to protect your creative property)? Just a thought!