Friday, December 7, 2007

Poppies and poppies and poppies and more poppies!

Progress! I don't dare count how many poppies I have already done, the first row still needs work and I think there's another 3-4 rows to go. I chose to do poppies instead of a field of sunflowers for 2 reasons. 1) I thought the sunflowers with all their petals risked being to 'busy' and cluttering te corner and 2) The lady who I am doing this for has a grandchild named Poppy! She didn't ask me to do this but I think she will like the touch.
Prior to sick kids I was hoping to have this done by tomorrow...I have been given a reprieve though! She's away till Tuesday! Wheew. I hope to get the keys off her daughter and hang it as a suprise for when she gets home. It will be the first time she will see it so I hope she likes it!
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Bev said...

Those poppies are very carefully painted in admirable striaght lines. Quite difficult to do when you have poorly children, you obviously have a steady hand. Poppies seem to be quite a theme of your work!

Bev said...

Sorry, 'staight'. Good job I'm not painting your poppies!

Bev said...


Neda said...

Hope the kids are doing better!

And what a lovely surprise! I am sure she'll love it.