Friday, December 7, 2007

My husband took this pic of me painting "Tuscany." Believe it or not it is easier to paint the detailed parts like this than it is to stand and hunch!
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Bev said...

I loved seeing this picture of you painting. It is such a large canvess! Poignant to see you doing this amid the things of family life.

Neda said...

And I thought I was the only one doing yoga while painting! Cute pic!

Debi said...

Lisa, I keep meaning to comment more on your art blog, but I get so carried away on your photo blog.

I love seeing YOU! Now I have a face (or at least the top of a head) to go with all the other delightful posts and comments.

There was a painter from New Mexico that I liked, Elmer Schooley who, when creating his really large canvases, had a sling of some type created so he could lie vertical in it and paint over his canvases.

A next project for your hubby maybe? ;)