Saturday, December 22, 2007

Billy Apple- tribute. Close up

This close up shows more clearly the deconstruction of the leaf and the seedpod. The fibres of the leaf are exposed like threads in places and when one seed fell from the seed pod I glued it make in- thus reconstructing it in part. I am interested in the response (from you) to this. For me the response is on an intellectual level. I'm drawn to it because I went to study it and learn about it. The leaves on my 'grounded' collage had a completely different effect on me. Then it was emotional.
There are a lot of similarities between this collage and the grounded one. Both have leaves, seed pod's, red mesh and needles. Both look like I emptied my pockets or rubbish bin and emptied them onto the page.
BUT for me at least they are completely different. This one is an intellectual response to something I learnt, and in a sense it's an experiment. I am interested to see how long the leaves will last without the aid of any sort of presrevative. I am interested to how it is perceived by other people.
The 'grounded' collage was driven by an emotional response to things that were going on for me. I am still interested in what will happen to the leaves but it is less of an experiment.
I have a feeling that this sort of collage is the start of a new journey of exploration...a bit like the nests. I'm not 'done' with it yet!
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dianeclancy said...

Hi Lisa,

I am writing this after my comment above on the finished collage. I think it is clear to me that the other collage is emotional and this one is intellectual. That is a gigantic difference!

Great to play and experiment. Of course, I love the emotional one because then it connects with my whole being.

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

I think you have been very much influenced by Billy Apple as remember your previous collages, with playing cards and leaves, and it was a style I had never seen before.

Because the contrast is so great between the natural and manmade objects I think it forces you to look at each of them anew. In a way this is quite shocking, but in a good way as it jolts you out of any preconcieved ideas which you may have, which I suppose is what deconstructionism is all about. I like the way this art uses materials which are not traditionally art materials.

The leaves have threads and there are man-made fibres across the leaf. What does this mean? It is like things which you would find lying about meeting nature. Some sort of comment on the post-industrial world?

Bobbie said...

The blending of natural and man made objects would please Billy, no doubt. I can't wait to see the extreme art that comes forth from Billy's influence.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

I know what you mean with connecting with the whole being Diane. I feel attached to both but also have different feelings towards them. Connection is what it's about..any art that is! Both creator and viewer need to find a connection to the art although not neccessarily the same one!

Bev, my 'old' collages were made before discovering Billy Apple. Maybe that is why I like his thinking so much? I didn't occur to me to not use playing cards...although the cotton buds were new too me! hehe.
You also discovered a new thing in my collage, the thread on threads of the leaf. I hadn't noticed that! Your right though it does look like the art had something else to say...

Stay tuned Bobbie! Thankyou for joining me on my journey!

John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Lisa, great close up photo of a work in progress - your constructions are interesting and elements in themselves make valid images. I found myself doing screenshots (alt print scree) of your "Grounded" and kept them, for now for inspiration.