Saturday, October 13, 2007

Receipts/Visual Diary

I won't make a habit of posting step by step photos of my art but this post and the one below are part of my post for International Blog Action Day- tomorrow!! I think that it is important to show them as they illustrate my point well.
The first photo shows what is quite obviously a pile of receipts. This photo is those same receipts glued onto a page in my visual diary. The paper receipts add extra weight and texture to my page which makes a really nice/interesting surface to paint on. What is written on the receipts is irrelevant in this case as they are purely a base surface for my painting (tomorrow's post!) but what is relevant is that these pieces of paper came from my wallet. I finally cleaned it out (46 pieces of paper in total! 25 used for my VD page) and instead of throwing away the paper I re-used it. The paper was mostly glossy which meant it didn't absorb so much of the paint and it also tolerated more water- useful for blending the acrylics. I did actually contemplate giving it a light sand to help it take to the paint slightly better but I am glad I didn't now! These bits of paper would have been SO easy to throw away with out a second thought but they were equally easy to re-use! More on that tomorrow :)
I also have a friends artwork to post on here tomorrow for an equally important environmental cause so watch this space!
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