Tuesday, October 2, 2007

International Blog Action Day

Well, you know it is the year 2007 when 'cyber activisim' is a well recognised and utilised tool! Greenpeace is just one of the well known organisations that employ it. An artists who's blog I subscribe to http://www.papierscolles.blogspot.com/ recently sent out an email about "International Blog Action Day" on October 15 2007. The idea is for all bloggers to create a piece of art that reflects your personal environmental concerns and post it on your blog on that day. Not only that artists have the opportunity to have their work included in an on line exhibition at Maraya Galleries http://www.marayagalleries.com/
Why not take part? You can feel good because you spent time creating and you can feel good because you did something to promote an environmental cause you're passionate about!
Simply posting a piece if art is not enough...don't forget to spread the word!!
Check back here October 15 to see my "blog action day' art work :) or better yet subscribe and have it sent to you for free!

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