Thursday, May 10, 2012

Speak No Evil

I've been playing around with new ideas in my visual diary. While part of my just loves this work, part of me is not sure that I like it! I definately enjoyed the exploration. I wanted my finished work to be more like graffiti (short of actually being graffiti) and I wanted it to express something, inline with the true essence of graffiti.I met my objectives and I love the way the grey avacado dyed paper imitates a concrete surface. I like the incorporated bits of my 'heart nest' lino cut, street maps and random paper...I am just not bonding with the finished work. I'll keep working on the idea until it all falls into place for me.

Crazy Frog is finished!! I am so pleased that I actually finished this and I am really pleased with the end result. It's become a bit of a joke around here that when something happens that shouldn't we just blame the frog.... Mr Nobody will have to take ownership again as the frog is off to his own pond tonight.

I'm not a morning person...but I could be tempted to become one if the sunrise on the hill and moody sky looked like this every day!

Best wishes from me and the frog.


Penny said...

Love that crazy frog, not too sure about the graffiti bit, perhaps I am too old to appreciate it!

Mick said...

As I always say, keeping a visual journal is the same as a writer's first draft of a story. Go girl!

Katie said...

Love your visual journal. Cool style.