Saturday, April 14, 2012


Remember the arthouse photo reponse project I signed up for a month ago?
The collage above it my reponse to the photo I selected. I'm loving this evolving graffiti style that's emerging in my work lately!

The decider for me (I was originally considering a photo of doors) was the ripple lines.
As you can see I played with the orignal image below.
From there my thinking progressed to the ripple effect, time and tides, movement, moon light, navigation, migration...and eventually I settled on unity.
The water connects the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Regardless of demographics water connects us all. Maybe this tide, that is now mine was once yours? Maybe it will carry a piece of me back to you? Will the waves that lap at my feet be the off spring of the waves that your sun sets apon?
We are warmed by the same sun, centered by the same source of gravitiy and our nights are lit by the same moon. Water is the only thing we can actually touch, it is mine, it is yours, it is ours.


ArtPropelled said...

Enjoying your thoughts on water connecting us all... "Maybe this tide that is now mine was once yours". Loving your new style too.

Mick said...

What ArtPropelled just said? Ditto Kiddo! :)

Lisa said...

beautiful works and thoughts Lisa...

Kris said...

Moving and grounding us together. Great post.