Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Oh wow it is great to finally feel excited about something! I am so excited today and there's no way depression is going to steal it.

                                                                  So what is so exciting??

Pulp Redux goodness is that exciting!
This morning 4 out o5 parts of my Labyrinth book arrived back home. Wow! It's been globe trotting since 2010 and it's so wonderful to hold it in my hands again and too feel the joy flowing from it.
Not only that I was blessed enough to recieve 'something to inspire me' from Lisa Jurist.
Am I lucky today or what? 

No peeks just yet of my book. Us 5 ladies have a collaborative exhibtion coming up this May on the Virtual Tart website plus other wonderful things up our creative sleeves. I don't want to be spoiling any surprises!

Another thing causing me to get all up and happy is this...

The  Art House Co-op has this free project on offer to anyone keen. It's called The Photo Response Project. You can see it here. The aim is too create a 6x4 artwork in any medium that is a response to one of the five photos that they've offered. Currently I am leaning toward the door photo but the rippled water also has me thinking too...

Watch this space:)


Debrina said...

Dear Lisa - the end of an era, aye? Lisa J is so amazingly generous in everything she does! I love all these threads she has sent you. Did you hear back from Dale in the end about exhibition costs (I should really go and check my email now, lol!)

ArtPropelled said...

Just looking at those wrapped and bound packages makes me happy!

It's going to be difficult choosing between the door and the ripple images. They both inspire. I'mm watching this space :-)

Mick said...

There's nothing that can best the receipt of something wonderful, and unexpected, in the mail, Lisa. Roll with it!