Friday, April 15, 2011

landcastle III

The school term has finished (YAY!!) and with our school work done we went for a wander at the park again.The kids built this while I foraged around looking for goodies. I was lucky enough to find a flat nest again, smaller than the last one I found but still a good find in my books! I added it to their landcastle as you can see. They weren't aiming to make anything specific but at the end of it we all agreed it looked a lot like an praying mantis!

We checked on landcastle II while we were there, I suspect people had something to do with the collapse of this one but that's ok. I let go of the landcastle as soon as I walk away.

Below: A pic of landcastle II as I left it about 6 weeks ago, above is what's left now!
The nest you can see in the middle of the top pic got a little digital make-over. I love the softness of this image and the way it shows the delicate weaving of the nest.

Now that it's the holidays I aim to finish as Deb's PULP REDUX book and develop my ideas for the International Signature Swap. I'm creating graffiti papers so if that's your kind of thing watch this space!


Mick said...

It was great fun to see Landcastle III as well as documentation of Landcastle II. Then there's the nest! A superb manipulation, Lisa, well done.

Seth said...

Your digital version is so beautiful!