Thursday, March 31, 2011

The ICE exhibition is online!

Wahoo! It's April and that means that the International Collage Exchange is online! Cudos to Dale Copeland for the fabulous work she does for all the participants. You can see the ICE exhibition here. Make sure you  make yourself a cuppa first because there's 108 fabulous artists in this years exchange!

My image for this years exchange. Digitally altered photo of small stamp blocks in nest.
This image appears on the back of all the collages with a brief definition of this years theme.
Fragile. Society is a Nest. Series II

All of my collages (13 of them) are here on this blog but I've also put them onto my Lucky Dip ICE blog in one handy, uninterupted space. Things were a little crazy here for me this past year but I have to say I feel an immense feeling of satisfaction when I see them all together. If you've been thinking about joining the exchange but havn't quite gotten around to it then I seriously reccomend you do. It's a fantastic opportunity! There's now a whole year till the next exchange so you've got plenty of time:)


Mick said...

A wonderful group of artists here, Lisa!

Deborah said...

An amazing collection!

Debrina said...

Congratulations on such a superb effort, Lisa! Your work this year is truly stunning. Your style has become so sophisticated and mature and unique, it's a wonder you're not having your own exhibition!
Anyway, I KNOW how much work goes into this exchange - both by the artists but also by Dale herself. Well done to you all.
Oh and I just LOVE your letter blocks in a nest photo. Wow! You are pretty good at the ol' photoshop!

Jasmine said...

Just swinging by to say hi. Your ICE project looks cool xJ

Kris said...

Totally awesome gathering of collage.
Love your image.
Did the exchange a few years back. I agree with is a great opportunity and satisfying in many ways.

layers said...

your collages for Dale's collage exchange are wonderful- I did not participate this year-- too many deadlines.. also thank you for coming by my blog and telling me about Makiko Hastings and her blog project to help Japan-- wonderful feat.