Friday, October 22, 2010

3 things...

Thing 1:
Oh, I need a  picture of thing 1 and thing 2! Never mind! Thing 1 on my list is the giveaway!
Congrats to... ....drum rolll please.....JASMINE of Nature's Whispers! Jasmine won my Blog Action Day giveaway of a Water themed fabric collage. Congrats! It will be on it's way to you soon.

Water themed fabric collage from 99% recycled fabrics.

Thing 2:
I signed up for LaWendula's ephemera swap...and here's what I am sending her.

Fabric bits (lace, vintage lace flower, teeny-tiny daisies...) Paper bits ( hand made paper,nest lino print, vintage cigarette cards, bird book pages...) Odds and ends (Round discs from an old kids game, hero buttons, bottle cap, brads...) The butterflies are fabric and cut out from the print of an old pajama top. Too beautiful for the rag bag! I made the card (with the bird of course!)  from an old photo album page, cigarette card, fabric and papers all either recycled or gifted to me.This will all be on there way to Eliza from Druga Szesnascie very soon.

Thing 3:
It's PULP REDUX! I spent 5 blissful hours buried in the pages of Kim's book yesterday and my final page is not only 99% finished the whole lot is all glued into place in the book. Wahoo! This book is being posted to Debrina's .
Here's a sneak peek of what I did...

My representation of the British flag. I opshop trawled for months looking for the right image for Kim's book. I found souvenir tea towels, scarves and tablecloths from nearly every country but Britain! In the end I conceded and stitched something instead. You know what I will find now I now longer need it don't you? haha.

It's been very productive in the land of Pulp Redux lately. Alicia has finished her stunning pages in my book....

A small part of Alicia's contribution to my Labyrinth book.
Artwork and photo by Alicia Caudle.

Lisa Jurist has also been working on pages for Alicia's book "The museum of forgotten things." There are fabulous peeks on her blog and you can see all the work Alicia's done in my book here. It's a bit of a maze to find it all...Alicia decided to keep in with the theme when she posted!

Next post....The big reveal!


ArtPropelled said...

The sneak peek is gorgeous and you know what? I'm glad you didn't find a flag. Its so much better that you stitched your own interpretation. Alicia's labyrinth page is beautiful too.

sharon said...

Congrat's to lucky!

I love the photo of all the favorite things in the world, and your stitched flag page is awesome and very inspiring, as is the whole book project! Beautiful!

La Dolce Vita said...

your flag is fab, and she will love it, guess I better get to work on Christmas! lol!

Mick said...

Your piece with the stitched Union Jack is, in a word: marvelous!

Debrina said...

It's all bloody exciting!!!!

bad penny said...

I totally love the stitched Union Jack in subtle colours

Anonymous said...

love your flag, lady! i know kim will too -- and of course i can't wait to see more.

thanks for the little blurb, too! i think i forgot to tell you that i posted your book off to lisa last week so hopefully she receives it soon. woohooo! at least it hasn't far to go!

loving all the pulp!

oh, and huge congrats to your winner, too. :)

notmassproduced said...

wow u've been busy, love this eclectic mix